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Work From Home Policy

WorkFromHomeStrata IT is implementing an optional Work-From-Home policy for all our employees. We are maintaining our office in Encino and allowing our employees to work from home or the office. At this time, we are still only sending technicians to client’s offices for emergencies that are not able to be dealt with remotely. Below are some recommendations for how you can create a Work-From-Home Policy.

These past 3 months were challenging, and just as we thought we were getting back a little normalcy, the protests and riots have caused many businesses to stay closed. Thankfully, none of our clients have been negatively impacted by the riots.

We continue to evaluate how the Pandemic is changing how we do business and we want to update you on some of what Strata IT has learned and what we are doing to make sure we can continue to deliver the highest quality service.

  • Work-From-Home Policy - It is recommended that all businesses have a Work-From-Home POlicy and have found that businesses with a flexible infrastructure, that support a mobile workforce, are the most prepared for this new work from home reality. The major differentiators included laptops for all employees, always on VPN and important data in OneDrive and SharePoint. We are recommending that all businesses review potential changes to increase their work from home efficiency.
  • Remote Workforce Hardware - Work from home requires easy access to collaboration using video, audio and chat from multiple locations. The first step in this is to provide your users with access to a computer, camera and headset wherever they are. Since the price difference between providing a laptop or a desktop is often less than $8 per month over the life of the hardware, we recommend that most new machines be laptops. This allows you to be flexible with users needing to work from home, whether it be to self-quarantine or just to take care of family.
  • New Workstation Deployments – The number one reason Strata IT sends a technician onsite is for new workstation deployments. Migrating to a flexible infrastructure simplifies workstation deployment and saves money. The second most common reason we send a tech onsite is for system reformats. To resolve this, we have built a portable reimaging system that can be shipped to a client’s office to quickly reimage a problem machine. 

We recognize that these continue to be challenging times and Strata IT is aggressively finding new ways to provide the highest quality service to all our clients. If you need help reviewing your Work-From-Home Policy or Readiness, call Strata Information Technology at 888.678.7282 today.

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