How to Protect Your Company from Employee Sabotage

Remember the good old days when disgruntled employees simply stole office supplies, faked being sick to take time off, or bad-mouthed the boss to vent their frustration? Not anymore. There is a growing trend of vindictive employees who are breaking into their employers’ networks to steal and destroy valuable electronic files and data.

60% Of Network Break-Ins Are Done By Disgruntled Employees

Law enforcement professionals estimate that 60% of computer system break-ins are done by disgruntled employees. This sabotage can take many forms including stealing customer lists, accessing and distributing proprietary financial records and payroll information, committing business check fraud, or siphoning money from business bank accounts. Some do this because they are facing financial difficulties, others because of gambling or drug problems, and some do it because they plan on starting a rival business or taking a job at a competitive company.

It’s Not Just Unhappy Employees

Some of the damage is done by well-intentioned employees who simply make a mistake. We know of one company that accidentally e-mailed their entire client database to a direct competitor because they didn’t know how to use the “blind carbon copy” feature in Outlook.

3 Easy Ways To Protect Your Company

  • Have every employee sign an acceptable user policy (AUP) that defines what employees can and cannot do with work e-mail, Internet access, and data.
  • Make sure you have a reliable off-site back up of your critical data.
  • Install a network monitoring software and e-mail filtering software to prevent employees from accidentally sending inappropriate or confidential information to the outside world.